The Telling

A Doorway,
The Circle of Spirit,
The Trusted One




I’ve often heard it said that death isn’t the difficult part…it’s the dying. And, I’ll tell you…what an amazing transformation the opening of that door can be! For when the door opens and friends and family step through to take the One with them back through the door…a more beautiful sight I have never seen. Those beautiful beings of light gather around the One, and within the Circle of the Living, the transcendent stand. They hold all who love the One in a place where their grief can flow. In the Outer Circle are the angels who walk with not only the One but all the other physical beings present, and those angels can now be seen in a truly wondrous way. What joy at this time of birth! The room hums with the grace of God, and members of the Circle of Spirit gently sing hymns to call the One home.

What an honor it is to be present when the Trusted One gently comes forward and holds out his hand. “Come with me, dear one. Take my hand, come with me. The time for living in the light is now.” And, blest is the One who is able to release fear of the unknown and take the hand of the Trusted One. Blest is the One who walks into the light surrounded by the Circle of Spirit. Blest is the one who knows that those left behind bask in the radiant light and love and joy-filled laughter of the Circle of Spirit. Blest are those on the physical plane that can feel that light and love and laughter.

So, yes, when the time comes, the One will move through the doorway and be filled with so much love and care…the One who has gone into the light will be present to each of us…a hand on your shoulder when you need it, his words on your mind, and his memories, oh his memories, will be an intricate part of the person you are.


The transition from this life to the next is shrouded in mystery and fear. When intuitive Vanessa F. Hurst’s mother suffered a life threatening illness, Vanessa was given the gift of seeing what happens during the transition. For fifteen years she has shared her vision with loved ones of the individual who transformed to the next life.

The three primary components of The Telling are

  • The Circles of Spirit
  • The Door
  • The Hand of the Trusted One

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A Neural Synchrony™ Facilitator and Intuitive Mindful Coach,  Vanessa shares her vision while engaging her client’s inner wisdom. During an Neural Synchrony Session™, she and her client gain clarity of current life challenges, life lessons, and soul person. As a Mindful Coach, she guides her client in transformation through the creation of new, sustainable patterns.  For her, intuition is a life skill accessible to all.

She has a master’s degree in Natural Health and training as a medical intuitive. For 19 years, she has taught intuitive awareness, Reiki, Tai Chi, and Rainbows of Light© programs. She is the author of two books and three Reiki manuals.  With mindfulness and intuitive awareness, she guides clients on their journey of soul purpose.