Neural Synchrony

The Frontier of Intuitive Understanding

Neural Synchrony™ is a heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind, soul-to-soul connection. Using this bridge of heightened intuitive awareness, I share my vision while engaging your wisdom. We harness the energy of emotional intelligence to recognize current challenges, identify life lessons, and navigate soul purpose.

In the Quantum, we search for the roots of your challenges. Deciphering the challenge, I guide you in pruning repetitive, paralyzing patterns. As you meet the challenge and learn the life lesson, new, flexible, resilient patterns (the foundation of personal transformation) grow. The result of Neural Synchrony™? Transformation through living more fully into your soul purpose.

Through Neural Synchrony™, we connect energetically across neural pathways. Our minds, hearts and spirits align. We access inner wisdom and gain clarity. Information gained may include past life traumas, life contracts issues, the barrier to transformation.

A Neural Synchrony™ session is not a magic cure nor does it result in immediate transformation. By accessing our collective inner wisdom, we decipher intuitive messages. You, the client, gain a better understanding of the role of your current life events. The insights gained during a session are foundational to personal transformation.

Through this intuitive connection:

Identify the most immediate challenge
Understand how meeting the challenge is necessary to learning a life lesson
Decipher messages necessary to unravel your life’s uncertainty
Gain insights to power your transformation
Identify strategies to live your soul purpose

(Guidance may include, but is not limited to, aura readings, energy techniques, challenge deciphering, past life trauma understanding, current life contract identification, and life lesson learnings.)

Your investment: $89. Session available over Skype or by phone. 

Neural Synchrony™ sessions focus on the mind/spirit/heart connection. The facilitator does not diagnose or treat illness. She recommends you contact your healthcare provider regarding health concerns. 


Ready to clear your pathway to transformation? Email or call (502.599.7222)

Vanessa F Hurst, ms is a mindful coach who uses her intuition to connect with her clients. The result? The client taps into their inner wisdom in ways that result in transformative life changes.

For over 20 years, she has been guiding clients in better understanding life lessons and living their soul purposes. Vanessa has a master’s degree in Natural Health, is a Reiki Master, and has trained as a medical intuitive. 

P.S. I also offer the Neural Synchrony Sampler for groups of 4-10 people. Included is Neural Synchrony micro-sessions for each person plus intuition-enhancing activities for the group. Cost is $40 per person. Ready to schedule? Contact me!

We spend time with friends: We go out to eat. We catch coffee. Maybe see a movie. How about getting together with friends while learning something about your self and them?

The Neural Synchrony Sampler offering micro-Neural Synchrony* sessions (25-minutes each) and fun activities to learn how your intuition is speaking in ways you might not even realize.

The Neural Synchrony Sampler is available for groups of 5-10 individuals. Cost per person is $40. Schedule at your convenience.

Contact Vanessa to schedule your sampler.

Contact Vanessa to schedule a Neural Synchrony™ Session, Mindful Coaching, or a Neural Synchrony™ Sampler.

A Neural Synchrony™ Facilitator and Intuitive Mindful Coach,  Vanessa shares her vision while engaging her client’s inner wisdom. During an Neural Synchrony Session™, she and her client gain clarity of current life challenges, life lessons, and soul person. As a Mindful Coach, she guides her client in transformation through the creation of new, sustainable patterns.  For her, intuition is a life skill accessible to all.

She has a master’s degree in Natural Health and training as a medical intuitive. For 19 years, she has taught intuitive awareness, Reiki, Tai Chi, and Rainbows of Light© programs. She is the author of two books and three Reiki manuals.  With mindfulness and intuitive awareness, she guides clients on their journey of soul purpose.