Sharing My Vision, Engaging Your Wisdom

Sharing my vision, I serve as a facilitator, as I engage your inner wisdom. During our conversation I guide you in the discovery of your life patterns, challenges and lessons. I coach you in the creation of strategies that bring transformation.  

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Beginning with an Intuitive Conversation, we create strategies that create the pathway of transformation. Then in subsequent sessions, we modify current strategies or add new ones to ensure your transformation.

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An Intuitive and Mindful Coach,  Vanessa shares her vision while engaging her client’s inner wisdom. During an Intuitive Conversation, she facilitates an understanding of her client’s life lessons and challenges. As a Mindful Coach, she guides her client in transformation through new, sustainable patterns.  For her, intuition is a life skill accessible to all.Vanessa has a master’s degree in Natural Health and training in Quantum Healing, Reiki, and medical intuition.