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Magic is the art of changing conscious at will. Dion Fortune

Mystical. Magical. Mysterious. Most of us look at those who are intuitive with a bit of awe and a dash of fear. We believe that they have a special connection to the beyond, the other. We may fear that when an intuitive sees inside of us, our deepest secrets are uncovered.

The illusion that we are not intuitive coupled with the belief that intuition comes from questionable sources create potent barriers to our intuitive awareness. Through study and practice we can move past the barriers. Through hyperawareness we are able to identify our intuitive cues, decipher the message, and respond to them. Inner wisdom is our internal GPS that guides us through challenges and helps us learn life lessons.

Intuition is received in :

pictures & images
sound & music
words in speech/writing
using body & hands
using logic & reasoning
in nature

By increasing our emotional intelligence

we are more aware of how we are emotionally hijacked and distracted

we create an environment of clarity where we discern what is inner wisdom

Intuitive awareness occurs when the right and left brain work together. It is amplified by a strong corpus callosum.

The more plastic our brain is, the more able we are to create neuropathways for our intuition.

A Neural Synchrony™ Facilitator and Intuitive Mindful Coach,  Vanessa shares her vision while engaging her client’s inner wisdom. During an Neural Synchrony Session™, she and her client gain clarity of current life challenges, life lessons, and soul person. As a Mindful Coach, she guides her client in transformation through the creation of new, sustainable patterns.  For her, intuition is a life skill accessible to all.

She has a master’s degree in Natural Health and training as a medical intuitive. For 19 years, she has taught intuitive awareness, Reiki, Tai Chi, and Rainbows of Light© programs. She is the author of two books and three Reiki manuals.  With mindfulness and intuitive awareness, she guides clients on their journey of soul purpose

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