realize (reflection), reframe (introspection), respond (integration)

RI2 In Practice

RI2 is a holistic practice. Within our heart we objectively reflect upon how our emotions, thoughts, and body are the force behind our emotions, thoughts and physical responses. Using our logical mind, we introspect to discover patterns of reactions/response and identify the root cause of our words and actions. The final “I,” integration, requires formulating new scripts and building new frameworks of response. With RI2 we shift from fear-filled reactions to compassionate responses. RI2, when practiced regularly, transforms how we respond to the world and strengthens relationships with our self, others, the Sacred, and all of creation.

Choose a reaction you would like to shift into a response. Using the 4 nons: non-attachment, non-judgment, non-defensiveness, and non-violence, enter into reflection. Notice without labeling, judging, or defending the thoughts feelings, assumptions, and beliefs that surface. What triggers powered your response or your reaction to the person and/or situation?

Once you have objectively gathered information, enter into introspection. During this phase, you are identifying pattern of reaction and/or response. You are searching for the root causes of your thoughts, words, and actions.


What parts of your internal monologue are accurate and authentic?
What was fueled by your fear and filled with illusion?
How does what you discovered represent your authentic self?
How does it strengthen your illusions?
What are your fears?
How can you shift from fear-filled reaction to compassionate response?

Integrate what you have learned while recognizing you may need to repeat the process to tweak your plan of action.

Integration need not be a grand plan guaranteed to create an unencumbered life. RI2 often integration involves small actions, words, and thoughts that shift or release illusion creating and sustaining a more compassionate response.

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