Intuitive Awareness (IA)

Intuitive Sense

Do we really have a sixth sense? Or, is our intuitive sense a product of Emotional Intelligence, neuroplasticity, mindfulness, and hyperawareness? Learn how these four factors are instrumental in developing intuitive awareness. Practice becoming hyperaware, diminishing your episodes of emotional hijacking, and creating neuropathways that increase intuitive awareness.

Exploring Our Spirit

Experience your inner wisdom by listening with all your senses. Identify subtle intuitive knowing and discover how to gain clarity from intuitive messages.  Learn to recognize and decipher symbols and signs that the messages hold. Practices included experiencing your physical bodies wisdom, messages reflected in the face you present to the world, and using the pendulum to verify your intuitive awareness.

Intuitive Awareness: Our Internal GPS

We receive intuition through all of our senses and process it using our intelligence. Our intuition or inner wisdom is our internal GPS that we use to navigate in the moment. Learn to identify, decipher, and respond to your inner wisdom.

Each workshop in this series of 4 provides you with skills to recognize and respond to the many ways you receive intuition. Each level builds upon the previous ones. The topics listed for each workshop are not an inclusive list.

Level One: Opening the Door

Foster an environment of quiet
Anchor yourself in to the moment
Listen with your full body to intuitive cues
Access information from your primary portals
Assume the stance of the objective observer

Level Two: Walking Into the Room

Prepare your early intuitive warning system
Practice energetic self-care and protection
Engage in intentional full-body listening
Access 14 secondary portals
Deepen your objective observation with the 4nons

Level Three: Creating Sacred Space

Become an objective observer of your energy body
Balance and align your body/mind/spark/heart
Recognize  your own unique intuitive rhythm
Explore your body/mind/spirit/heart as a temple
Discuss the ethics of sharing intuition
Connect to the Source and the Earth

Level Four: Being a Vessel

Identify your deepening intuitive nature
Recognize the clutter that hides intuition
Consciously connect with your intuition
Strengthen your connection to your intuition
Travel across the mundane, between, & extraordinary

An Intuitive and Mindful Coach,  Vanessa shares her
vision while engaging her client’s inner wisdom. During an
Intuitive Conversation, she facilitates an understanding of her client’s life lessons and challenges. As a Mindful Coach, she guides her client in transformation through new, sustainable patterns.  For her, intuition is a life skill accessible to all.
Vanessa has a master’s degree in Natural Health and training in Quantum Healing, Reiki, and medical intuition.