Contemplative (Mindful) Living

Intent & Action: How to Create the Daring Paradigm of Compassion

How do we move through polarization and into authentic compassionate connection? It doesn’t begin “out there” with others. It begins internally with a change in our self — by consciously connecting our intent to our compassionate action. Using the metaphor of the bridge

  • Shift the paradigm to engaged compassion
  • Challenge your judgments, assumptions, and beliefs
  • Identify what stops you from practicing compassion
  • Turn your reactions into compassionate responses
  • Reflect your intent to be compassionate in your actions
  • Make compassion your lived experience
  • Share your daring paradigm shift with others

This program is for your IF you want to use the power of your intent and action to create a new paradigm of community through engaged compassion. Program is designed for participants to experience an online community of compassion. Based on the book Engaging Compassion Through Intent & Action


A Constellation of Connections: Relationships through Silence, Compassion, & Communion

Our contemplative spirit is mirrored in relationships with self, others, the Sacred, and all of creation. We deepen and strengthen relationship through maintaining an environment of silence, sharing compassion, and entering into communion. Through conversation and experiences, discover ways to integrate spiritual masters’ ideas on contemplation, silence, compassion, and communion in order to deepen and strengthen core relationships.

Compassion Wisdom

Compassion is at the heart of Thomas Merton and Pema Chödrön’s writings. Both understood that self-compassion is the root of compassion for others. Using reflections from Thomas Merton and Pema Chödrön, explore three aspects of compassion: the spirit of the heart, to cause no harm; the will of the heart, to alleviate suffering; and the feeling of the heart, to accept life as it is.

Fully Awake, Fully Active, Fully Aware: Fully Contemplative

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A contemplative shifts the way s/he experiences the world by focusing his/her attention on the extraordinary in the world.

Discover ways to use all your senses to peer beyond the ordinary and mundane and perceive the extraordinary and sacred. Experience this shift in perception by resting in the quiet mind while exploring the interconnectedness of all creation. This way of experiencing begins with the two primary senses, sight and hearing, and moves into full body listening and hyperawareness.

The Echo of Silence and Peace

We find Sacred silence not only in our self but also in one another. Practicing silence does not encourage an internal withdrawal; rather, it is the means to actively engage others and the world. Gain ideas and practices to integrate silence into the whole of your life. Discover ways of moving from leaving a crowd and moving into a vital part of community. Experience silence as a transformative catalyst for personal and global change.

From Intentio to Actio©

We may set our intent only to discover it is not expressed in our action. Learn the steps to manifesting intent in our actions. Practice the five steps that build the bridge from intent to action: intentio, meditatio, oratio, contemplatio, and actio©. Develop strategies to integrate the contemplative (mindful) experience into your life. Learn to recognize moments of informal mindful practice. Explore the practice of engaged contemplative (mindful) living, and experience from intentio to action© in the whole of their life.


Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton

The Four Organic Commandments: Discover how Four Organic Commandments of Frank Lloyd Wright  (love, sincerity, decision, and courage) are represented in the writings of Thomas Merton.

Planting Seeds of Contemplation: Using the New Seeds of Contemplation, experience resting in silence, recognizing the Sacred in all, and exploring the interconnectedness of creation.

Ecology of the Spirit: Insights from Thomas Merton and Rachel Carson: Explore how Thomas Merton, a Cistercian monk, and Rachel Carson, a scientist, recognized the interdependence of life.

Author of Engaging Compassion Through Intent and Action, Vanessa facilitates the Compassion Conversation© and presents compassion, living with mindful awareness, and deepening intuitive awareness programs.

Holding a master’s degree in Natural Health, Vanessa is an Intuitive and Mindful Mentor. Sharing her vision, she empowers clients to engage their wisdom in ways that create sustainable lifestyles. As a practicing contemplative for 23 years, she incorporates intuition into her daily practice. For her, being contemplative is all about awareness and practice. She believes this life skill is accessible to all.


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