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Compassion Conversation©

What is compassion? For author, Vanessa Hurst, compassion is a lived experience. Each of us is compassionate in ways that are uniquely ours. Join in a lively discussion about compassion and how being compassionate creates a happier, more joy filled, deeper connections with your self and others. Vanessa shares her metaphor of the bridge, as a template for living a more compassion-filled life in which your actions mirror your intent. Learn simple ways that bring you into the awareness of opportunities to share compassion. Participants have the opportunity to purchase a copy of Vanessa’s book.

Engaging Compassion

Awareness creates the bridge from intent to compassionate action. Drawing upon spiritual traditions and secular thought: discover ways to connect your intent and action, practice being aware, recognize the triggers that cause reactions and the hurt that results from reacting, re-pattern reactions into compassionate response, and integrate foundational awarenesses into your way of being. Pre-requisite: the desire to live with curious daring and courage as you become fully awake and fully compassionate.

Compassion Wisdom of Thomas Merton and Pema Chodron

Within each of us is a spring that is filled with desire to share compassion with our self and others. Discover the ways our stream of compassion flows from the spirit of the heart, to cause no harm; the will of the heart, to alleviate suffering; and the feeling of the heart, to accept life as it is. Experiences focus on nurturing the spring of your compassion and sharing your stream of compassion.

Listen with Intent, Respond with Compassion

Intentional dialogue creates a rich, dynamic space where we reach a place of understanding, resolve issues, and gain trust. Participants practice full body listening and becoming aware of how internal monologue is directing the external dialogue. Identify personal life triggers that prevent listening with intent and responding with compassion. Practice techniques that increase awareness of what prevents objective, open minded listening. Discover ways to ground into the conversation in ways that increase understanding.

Practice Self Compassion: Recognize, Reframe, Recharge

Burn out…compassion fatigue — different words, same condition. Moving from compassion-less to compassionate requires awareness. Create a compassion box of practices and techniques that minimize the effects of stress. Recognize the triggers that plunge you into fatigue. Reframe your moments into opportunities to recharge. Experience mindfulness techniques including qi gong, journaling, focused breathing, and visualization. Develop a personalized stress recognition and reduction practice.

From Intentio to Actio©

We may set our intent only to discover it is not expressed in our action. Learn the steps to manifesting intent in our actions. Practice the five steps that build the bridge from intent to action: intentio, meditatio, oratio, contemplatio, and actio©. Develop strategies to integrate the contemplative (mindful) experience into your life. Learn to recognize moments of informal mindful practice. Explore the practice of engaged contemplative (mindful) living, and experience from intentio to action© in the whole of their life.

Author of Engaging Compassion Through Intent and Action, Vanessa facilitates the Compassion Conversation© and presents compassion, living with mindful awareness, and deepening intuitive awareness programs.

As a volunteer with Compassionate Louisville, Vanessa is Co-Host of Compassion AtWork, Social Media Lead, and Consultant to organizations interested in become partners. Vanessa is a Compassionate Cities Liaison and volunteers with the Charter for Compassion International. She consults with cities, including Indianapolis and Lyndon, by assisting them in securing the Compassionate City designation.

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