From retreat center to medical school to board room to church and beyond, Vanessa is an
experienced program presenter, keynote speaker, retreat master, and public speaker. She is the author of two books, blogs,magazine articles, white papers, and supplemental
program materials. Vanessa encourages
participants to integrate compassion,
contemplative living, mindfulness, intuitive awareness, and the mind/body/heart/spirit connection into their lived experience. By
reframing and translating concepts experientially, Vanessa artfully bridges the knowledge and the interest of her participants. For her, life is to be experienced compassionately, contemplatively, and intuitively. She share this awareness with clients and program participants.

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Experiential Programming —

Encouraging Integration of the Body, Mind, Spirit, and Heart by
Using of All Intelligences* including Emotional Intelligence!

*Vanessa uses the theory of Howard Gardner to create learning experiences that appeal to almost everyone.

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