Healing Willow

At Healing Willow we believe that   humans are a lot like willows:
resilient, flexible, flourishing, with
an essence of compassion.


resilient: the ability to absorb shock without splintering
flexible:  the durability to bend without breaking
flourishing: a thriving root system that grows deep to find sustenance
compassionate: salicin, a pain alleviator, is found in the bark of the tree

Through the services at Healing Willow, increase resiliency and mindfulness. Gain the skills to meet current challenges and learn life lessons. Align the four aspects of self [body, mind, spirit, and heart]. The result? Flourishing and personal transformation.


During a 55-minute facilitated discussion, receive guidance* for your uncertainties. Sharing my vision, together we engage your wisdom in order to decipher what is stopping you from living your life purpose and clear psychic/energetic debris from your path.

*Guidance may include energy healing techniques, past life trauma understanding, current life contract resolution, clarity of current challenges, and life lesson learnings.

During an initial conversation, we identify current challenges and create strategies that pave the pathway of transformation. In subsequent sessions, we modify current and/or add new strategies to facilitate continued flourishing.

During each session, the roots of what is preventing you from flourishing are identified and either removed or neutralized. Old patterns are released and new live patterns are formed. A sequence of 3-5 Quantum Healing* sessions is recommended.

*Quantum Healing works in the space between the emotional/mental/spiritual bodies and the physical body as it releases energetic debris and warped life patterns. It opens the space to create new patterns which facilitate transformation.  

We make no claims or promises regarding treatment of illness. We recommend you visit a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment of illness. We focus on healing [return to wholeness] the individual. We do not guarantee a cure [restoration to the original condition].

Vanessa Hurst, ms, is a mindful coach who trained as a medical intuitive.  She has a master’s degree in Natural Health and, for 19 years, has taught intuitive awareness, Reiki, Tai Chi, and Rainbows of Light© programs. She is the author of two books and three Reiki manuals.  With mindfulness and intuitive awareness, she guides others on their healing journeys.

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