Compassion’s Circle


Compassion’s Circle is a series of guided meditations created to reignite your spark of compassion. Developed and produced by vanessa f. hurst, ms.

The Circles are offered monthly in Louisville, Kentucky. In additional to the guided meditation, Circles include a group compassion activity and a takeaway compassion tool.

For more information, contact vanessa f hurst.

A Compassion’s Circle Meditation

How do you connect with your self and with others in a world of suffering? In the sea between the shores of the soul. With the following meditation dive deeply in to the sea of compassion and share it with yourself and others.


A Compassion’s Circle Meditation

For Buddhists, the roots of suffering are our attachments. We get hooked and cannot let go. During this meditation we explore what hooks us and intentionally release it in ways that  that alleviate suffering.

vanessa f hurst, ms is the creator-facilitator of Compassion’s Circle© and the Compassion Conversation©. She is the author of Engaging Compassion Through Intent and Action and A Constellation of Connections: Contemplative Relationships.

vanessa is a mindful coach who trained as a medical intuitive. She shares her vision while engaging her client’s wisdom to meet challenges, learn life lessons, and live soul purpose.