Vanessa F. Hurst is a compassion consultant, mindful coach, author, and professional speaker. For 27 years, she has served in many roles in the nonprofit sector including executive director of The Merton Institute for Contemplative Living. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Vanessa, compassion officer of Intent & Action, develops and facilitates action-producing resources for stakeholder/community building, mindfulness coaching, and organizational culture strengthening. Her mission is to create a lived experience of heightened awareness and ever increasing compassionate action in individuals and organizations.

She is the author of Engaging Compassion Through Intent and Action (Wildefyr Press, 2014), a resource for strengthening awareness of the lived experience of compassion. Her second book, A Constellation of Connections: Contemplative Relationships (Wildefyr Press, 2016), uses the metaphor of the night sky to highlight three key elements present in mindful relationships — silence, compassion, and communion. Vanessa is a regular contributor of Contemplative Journal and author of numerous Compassion@Work white papers.

As a professional speaker, Vanessa nationally presents programs featuring compassion, mindfulness, contemplative living, and intuitive awareness. She is the innovator-facilitator of both the Compassion Conversation© and Compassion’s Circle©. Vanessa was a speaker for the 2016 National Convocation of Ursulines and a presenter for Compassionate St. Augustine in 2015. She has presented programs at the University of Louisville School of Medicine and the Institute for Sustainable Health and Optimal Aging.

Vanessa is co-project manager of the Compassion At~Work project of Compassionate Louisville. This project gathers impact stories of compassion in the workplace. She is chief liaison to organizations wishing to receive the Partner of Compassionate Louisville designation. Vanessa, as consultant for community building for The Charter for Compassion, collaborates with potential Charter member organizations worldwide.

As an architect of experiential programs, Vanessa has been invited to teach at Bellarmine University and Roads Scholars. These programs bridge the spirituality of Thomas Merton into every day life. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, and a master’s degree from Clayton College of Natural Healing. Contact Vanessa at 502.599.7222 or hurst.vanessa@gmail.com.

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