Compassion At~Work: The Project






Using compassion to build value for the organization, their people, their clients, and their communities.

Welcome to the Compassion “At~Work”

network-577024_1920The Compassion “At~Work” Constellation is an offshoot of the Compassionate Louisville Partnership. Its team of volunteers is committed to identifying and promoting initiatives in the workplace that enhance the dignity of work and the value of the people engaged in its service.

The phrase “At~Work” is a play on words, referring to compassionate endeavors that are “in” the workplace that actually “work.” These endeavors have measurable ROI (return on investment) for organizations and stakeholders alike.




But, what are the results of a lack of              Compassion At~Work?

  • Poor morale
  • Inconsistent job performance
  • Employee turnover
  • Poor customer service
  • Indifference on the part of employees


Compassion At~Work offers an alternative

Realizing “Passion” from “Compassion”

  • Employees who are fully engaged in their work and who identify with the mission of the organization are passionate about what they do.
  • They align with leaders who are compassionate and supportive.
  • They commit to achieving the goals of the enterprise and perform at optimum levels of performance.
  • Leaders who engage in compassion at work are stewards of the workforce and developers of talent. They lead with enlightened self-interest.


Achieving Results – Returns on Investment 

Through this website, expect to learn more about Compassion At~Work, such as:

  • Stories from the workplace, notices of workshops
  • Information on related programs
  • Relevant articles
  • Other news bits for interested organizations.
  • Seven (7) areas or “domains” will be highlighted, specifically: Values, Leadership, Recognition and Rewards, Diversity, Service, Stewardship, and Culture.


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