A Constellation Of Connections: Contemplative Relationships



I haven’t failed, I can tell you 10,000 ways not to be in relationship.

It is easy to see our relationships in terms of success or failure. But, what happens when we view relationships as opportunities to experience our challenges, learn our lessons, and meet our life purpose? By reframing the way we perceive relationships, we create more mindful, contemplative connections with our self, others, the sacred, and all of creation.

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The inky darkness of the night sky = silence

Silence is not a cessation of noise, but a place of clarity. We navigate around our distractions and connect with our self, others, the sacred, and all of creation. Within the silence we are aware that within each of us is an ember of the sacred, our divine spark.

Stars = our divine sparks

At the conception of our spirit, the Creator carved off a piece of Itself and blew this spark into each of us. Our divine spark is the source or our compassion intent and is the flame of our compassionate action. We connect in ways that lessen the suffering in the world.


Connectors = Communion

Communion requires that we really listen with our full-body to what another is saying. We hear the words and find meaning in nonverbal cues. Pairing what we hear externally with our internal reactions, we craft responses that invite us deeper into relationship.

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