Wildefyr Press

Wildefyr Press is an indie publishing house established in 2014. The titles provide visionary, dynamic, evolutionary approaches to living with greater awareness, increased mindfulness, and ever deepening compassion.

List of current available titles:

A Constellation of Connections: Contemplative Relationships 

“I haven’t failed, I can tell you 10,000 ways not to be in relationship.”

Instead of seeing our relationships in terms of success or failure, let’s look at what occurs when we view relationships as opportunities to experience our challenges, learn our lessons, and meet our life purpose? By reframing the way we perceive relationships, we create more mindful, contemplative connections with our self, others, the sacred, and all of creation. Author Vanessa F. Hurst uses the image of the night sky as a model for being in mindful relationship. She focuses on three key elements of contemplative relationship: silence, compassion, and communion.”

Engaging Compassion Through Intent & Action

How is compassion your lived experience?

Compassion is our intent. But, we get busy. The connection between our intent and action is lost. Author Vanessa F. Hurst provides a template for reconnecting our intent and action through a bridge of foundational awarenesses, life pillars, and cables of mindfulness practice. Creating and sustaining this bridge increase understanding of how reactions erode the connection of intent and action. We minimize the erosion through the process of RI2 (reflection, introspection, and integration) as we shift from fear-filled reaction to compassionate response.

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